Hey, hey!!! To all my ladies out there, have you ever wondered, ‘Why my nostrils look like doorways of a scary house?’ or ‘why are my lips so thin?’ or even ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! ANOTHER PIMPLE’.

Yes, you guessed it right. I am going to discuss how addiction to beauty is screwing up our life leading to body dysmorphic disorder.

Right from when we were little, we as girls were taught that all women on earth are supposed to be ‘pretty’. ‘Beta! do not go outside, the sun will make you kali’. Girls shouldn’t drink tea or coffee, it will make you dark. The mother of all face packs our go to for looking fair, looking bright as Syska LED or even to vanish our unforgiving age spots we have all tried the ‘besan+dahi+honey+turmeric+blah blah’ mixture. Right! We would be lying if we do not agree.

We have grown up looking at perfect faces with perfect lives and perfect guys on the medias. Over the years, we have interiorized the message that aesthetic beauty is everything and rest of the things just follow. These days we put a lot of effort on how we look. We straighten our hair, put tonnes of makeup on and choose our outfits that accentuates our figure with scrupulous attention. And unfortunately, we do this just to live up to the unrealistic norms of beauty. But girls we need to understand no matter how much effort we put in dolling up we won’t be able to compete with hours of professional makeup, hairstyling and of course with Photoshop. I mean is it worth our money and time by owning 50 different cosmetic products and spending about an hour getting ready each day. The resources that women sacrifice in polishing their aesthetic beauty could otherwise have been used to pursue a goal in education, a career, family or even hobbies. We do not have to be self-effacing about stuff that really makes us feel good.

Everyone cannot be born with a genetic lottery. It is as same as you do not become successful if you were born rich. If your beauty regime is taking most of your attention, your precious time, and your resources away from things that you would rather be spending on, then girls you are rather on the beauty sickness side. You need to step back and say, “What’s going on?” Here I am not saying that if you think about how you look is a sign of beauty sickness. We all are humans and there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good. But don’t let your desire haunt you and keep you from doing things that you really want to do. Do not let it pinch your pocket.

We spend hours and hours taking snaps of ourselves just for that one picture which is good enough to go into the social media. Everybody has a public image now. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the most frivolous one, Tinder. These are making us have a compulsive obsession of looking tip-top all the time. Instagram has now become our parlour aunty with its skin perfecting formulas. Social media is not letting us acknowledge our natural flaws.

Let’s not forget todays agenda, ‘If You Don’t Like It, Just Fix It’. Women are now opting cosmetic surgeries to change the way they look. ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ these two words are so horrifying. Plastic surgery is a go to for all the conceived beauty problems that really don’t exist. Wrinkle reducing injections, cheek implants, lip lifts, breast augmentation and what not. And funniest of all these days women are into looking more like a duck and less like a human by getting their lips plumped. Duh! When I researched about plastic surgery little did I know about its horrific complications. Nerve damage, infection, anaesthesia complications, organ damage and so on. Ironically cosmetic surgery industry is still booming.

‘Birds of same feather flock Together’ also plays importance here. Your beauty standards are influenced a lot by your friends as well.  If you are around people who are constantly worried about their frown lines or are planning to get their lips plumped like bike tires you might as well, consider these ‘paranormal’ activities to be normal like plucking your eyebrows or shaving your legs. You might start thinking it is normal to be under the needle as well. Before you know it, a group of friends starts resembling plastics.

Ladies we do not have to get beauty sick just to fit in a superficial world. Let’s question ourselves before posting a filtered image of ours on social media, ‘What reaction am I trying to evoke?’ Am I posting this because I need people to tell me how gorgeous I am or am I posting to convince myself I am hot. Do we really need to live in this unrealistic social media world? No, we do not need to. So instead of spending hours and hours trying on new clothes, expensive make ups and fishing for validations to make ourselves feel better let us invest our resources and energy in doing something that we love. And at the same time also care about how look but do not make it your obsession that rules your life.

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